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Apple Paintings

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About Painting

I like to compare my craft with that of the baker. A bread and a painting. The dough of the painting is created by the order of the colour, the division of the surface, the choice of the material. Somehow the work must succeed in producing something precious, otherwise the whole thing is a futile effort.

The transformation from arbitrariness into the precious is necessary. It is often difficult to tell whether this transformation takes place only in the mind, based in a euphoric mood, or whether it has happened materially with the painting and is real. But the appearance of preciousness can also be overlooked by me in a phase of despair during work, destroyed again in the turbulence of transformation.

What holds itself and what does not hold itself. Painting is a dirty craft. Earth accumulates, and a breath of it should remain in the finished painting. Don't get too clean, don't wash off all the dirt. Sometimes I also think that painting is worn out and exhausted today; and pursued by reproaches and criticism: Everything already said, everything done, the best over. The temptation is obvious to believe that today other visual media are better suited to rethink existence.

Perhaps they are less consumed and less burdened by long tradition. But there are also times when I work and am convinced that even in painting there are still unspent paintings to be found that credibly bear witness to our lives, simple statements without the illusory spirit of cynicism.

Documentary commentaries, interferences, reflections, which have become matter through paper or fabric and some paint, which are distributed in a certain order over a surface. This surface can be large or pocket-sized.

But painting is still there. Bread still exists. But " the human being does not live from bread alone... ".


Willi Mueller, 28 February 2007

Painting wall and painting storm

(iconostasis and iconoclasm)


Why do I still enjoy working with paintings so much after thirty years? Although this profession is so unpredictable.

You can't set out the exact path of the day, execute the work plan, on any morning. It always comes differently. Sometimes you can build up quickly, the painting structures grow, and then you catch yourself tearing down the walls again. They are in the wrong place. Everything can be wrong and everything is right yet.

Then everything is straight again, but nothing is right. The painting wall is an exhibition form of the Middle Ages, also of poverty. Small paintings (offerings) are more or less arbitrarily placed next to or on top of each other in the church. Treasures next to kitsch.

The painting wall is in motion, time changes it. Paintings are added, others are removed. And here and there comes a storm of paintings. Everything or almost everything is thrown away, destroyed. The wall becomes empty. It is reformed. Until it begins to grow again, like in the forest after the storm.

People start installing paintings or things again. They are deliberately placed in relation to each other or intentionally not. And it always starts all over again, as in my work with colours. It becomes full, and everything empties itself out again. There are only small moments where the whole pauses. That's where I stand with my small exhibition: between the painting wall and the painting storm.


Willi Mueller, 6. September 2004





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I must be wrong infinitely


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The defence of the whole

Painters like Derain and Amiet used to upset me. I saw this washing between decided positions as a weakness. In the painting, they were impressionists, expressionists, or even swayed back to older positions, but they weren't any of it completely.

Today I see it differently. I see the holding of a middle, fluctuating in an emergency, undecided, as my own quality. Not to be taken in by a certain attitude. Not wanting to give up the ancient in painting and yet stretching out to the new, to the different, hesitant, slow, taking steps forward but if necessary retreating: an anxious exuberance in setting the color, in holding on to form and even object and yet losing everything again.

Thus painting remains poor, in a kind of raw state, fragmentary, appearing, showing more questions than answers. But it should keep the discourse of the time and consider the old great questions of mankind. In the danger of heaviness she should strive for the easy. In any case, I keep it with Manet, who also kept the option open in old age, to occasionally "only" paint a bouquet of flowers or a few fishes.



Willi Mueller, August 2012

Projects - stained glass windows

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Curriculum vitae


Solo and two-person exhibitions

2018 gallery da Mihi, Bern

2017 gallery Meier, Arth Goldau

2016 gallery Vinelz, Vinelz

2016 gallery Silva Denzler, Zuerich

2016 gallery Maeder, Basel

2014 gallery Kunstkeller, Bern

2014 gallery Maeder, Basel

2012 Castle Schoeftland, Schoeftland

2012 Art Etage, Biel

2011 gallery Kunstkeller, Bern

2010 gallery Selz, Perrefitte

2009 Kunstwerkraum, Ins

2009 gallery Vinelz, Vinelz

2008 gallery Kunstkeller, Bern

2005 gallery Kunstkeller, Bern

2004 Altes Spritzenhaus, Nidau

2004 gallery Susanna Rueegg, Zuerich

2003 gallery Vinelz, Vinelz

2002 gallery Kunstkeller, Bern

2001 «Nachsommer» Von Ruette-Gut, Sutz

2000 gallery Vinelz, Vinelz

1999 gallery Kunstkeller, Bern

1998 gallery Schuerer, Biel

1997 gallery Ist, Burgdorf

1995 gallery at Amtshatmel, Baden

1995 gallery Ist, Burgdorf

1995 gallery Vinelz, Vinelz

1994 U-gallery, Zuerich

1994 gallery Schuerer, Biel

1993 gallery Ist, Burgdorf

1992 «Industry exhibition» Intermilch, Bern

1990 gallery at Amtshatmel, Baden

1989 gallery at alten Schuetzenhaus, Zofingen

Group exhibitions

2014 «gastspiel 02» Trudelhaus, Baden

2013 «Vom Boden aus» Stadtkirche, Biel

2002 «Open 02» Projekte in der Pasquartkirche und Stadtkirche, Biel

2001 Positionen aus der Sammlung Kunsthaus Pasquart, Biel

1993 «Inspirationen» Landenberg, Sarnen

1992 «Inspirationen» Ausstellungsreihe «das Rad", Deutschland

1991 «Endstand» gallery Alzbach, Reinach

1990 + Jahresausstellungen der Kunstszene, Biel

1989 «Dialoge» GSMBA Aargau, Kunsthaus Aarau

1988 «Koepfe» gallery im Trudelhaus, Baden

1987 Stiftung fuer ganzheitliche Medizin, Langenthal

Projects and assignments after competitions

2017 dialogue XV, Darmstadt Germany

2002 stone lithograph at Gassmann AG, Biel

1999 church bell design, Ipsach

1996 wall painting at multi-purpose building, Ipsach

1995 stoned glass windows at church neuenegg, Neuenegg bei Bern